Rima Singh

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach at iHealMed

Ms. Rima Singh is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, accredited by the State of New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is also a subject matter expert on a wide array of therapeutic techniques designed to complement current medical treatments.

Ms. Singh specializes in providing a balanced and holistic approach to health and body transformation that comes from a synergetic combination of elements; the practice of mindfulness, strategic food intake, efficient exercise, and emotional well-being. The aforementioned services help Ms. Singh’s clients’ sustain a healthy lifestyle by reducing toxicity and thus improving overall health, appearance, energy and vitality.

Ms. Singh also holds two Master’s degrees and brings forth a wealth of corporate experience. Ms. Singh has a domestic and international client base and she has been featured in TV and radio programs in Washington DC and Virginia. Ms. Singh is also fluent in Hindi and Punjabi.